Cold weather affects Mazatlan merchants


The street vendors located on the Malecon say that the winds and the cold that crept into the port hit have affected their sales, but they hope that with Carnivals arrival there will be good dividends in the coming days.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Street vendors and restaurateurs located on the shore or the malecon claim to register slower sales in the face of the low temperatures that occur in Mazatlan, since tourists do not go near the sea and many prefer to stay in the hotel.

In an opinion poll conducted by the Línea Directa team, sellers were worried because this cold climate was not expected, as people did not even approach to buy or see the products; 

“The cloudy days affected a bit with sales, right now we are struggling a bit with the low temperatures.”

The sellers maintain a hope that the Carnival of Mazatlan sales will increase since thousands of tourists will arrive at the port, they also mentioned that if the climate continues with the same temperatures, the effects will prevail in local commerce.

“Let’s hope for the best of this carnival, everything depends on the weather”

Source: Linea Directa

The Mazatlan Post