Valentinos, Icon of Mazatlan, Agonizes in Abandonment


Valentinos, the disco icon of Mazatlan of the seventies and eighties and still very popular after 2000, agonizes between abandonment, family lawsuits and economic debts and taxes with the SAT of the Ministry of Finance.

Since a year ago, perhaps less, you can no longer see the multicolored lights that at night and in the distance was a positive sign and reference for locals and visitors.

Valentinos is in the history of the city and port of Mazatlan, but today it is observed that most of the places that made it famous are closed, from the Valentinos salon itself, the Sheikh, Mikonos, then the Bora Bora, Maui and Zumbawa. All these “clubs”, as the young people say, are about to become history.

Still on the Internet pages are read texts like these:

“It is a Moorish style palace in Mazatlan by the sea in Punta Camarón (beginning of the Golden Zone), it is a place with more tradition of all Mazatlan that never loses popularity and stays to the taste of the people. This disco is equipped with the most advanced optical special effects and lights.

Laser and smoke machine, as well as a wide selection of fashionable music, skillfully mixed by his DJ, this place accommodates all people of all ages and all tastes.

Regularly you will find hundreds of kids waiting to enter Valentino’s and it is not for less, because if you want to spend the best and incomparable evening of your life, full of good music and lots of fun, Valentino’s is the place.

Do not you think it’s a shame and sadness to disappear? You, how many times did you enjoy it or did you get on top of the Valentinos bars, the Bora Bora or the Zumbawa?

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