Sinaloa reports up to 80% progress in vaccination


The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa said that there has been the provision of citizenship to apply the vaccine against influenza.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Despite registering an advance of 80 percent in the state in terms of the application of vaccines, especially influenza, there is a part of the population that has not been reached and has to insist in those people, said Efren Encinas Torres.

The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa explained that seasonal influenza is here to stay, which is why it is important that the most vulnerable sectors, such as pregnant women, children under five, elderly people and people with chronic degenerative diseases, come to their health center more near.

“If they participate, people have been assertive, however, if there are areas of opportunity. In such a way that it is necessary to insist that they have to be vaccinated, hence the vaccine is mainly directed at risk factors “.

In the south of Sinaloa there are approximately 60 thousand doses to be applied, only last year 600 thousand vaccines were distributed throughout the state; At the moment, the campaign is more focused on the application of the polio vaccine.

Source: lineadirecta

The Mazatlan Post