Mexican avocado breaks record in Super Bowl


The Mexican producers of avocado were the winners of the Super Bowl LIII , having managed to send 121,908 tons to the United States.

The Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado of Mexico (APEAM) stressed that the historical growth responds in part to the effort and responsibility of producers and packers busy to offer a high quality fruit, in benefit of the health of consumers through the compliance with international safety standards.

It is also due to the social commitment with each and every one of the members of the value and production chain of the avocado industry in Michoacán, the main producing entity of the so-called “green gold,” he said in a statement.

The Super Bowl was once again one of the best opportunities for producers and packers of avocado from Michoacán to go out and show the work that is done day in and day out, “said the group, which is made up of more than 26,000 producers and 55 export packers.

The APEAM pointed out that, although the United States is the main destination of the Michoacan avocado , it has also been able to take the markets of Canada, from 12 countries in Asia, including Japan and China; five from Central and South America and 13 from Europe.

This is because the producers comply with the export work plan, laws and phytosanitary standards demanded by those nations, he added.

Source: Notimex, noticieros.televisa

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