Atamsa remains firm, and will not stop providing service to the Airport


Prior to doing so, the Ministry of Public Security and the Commune are notified so that they are aware of what may happen, said Román Aguayo Hernández.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The transport service from the city to the airport will continue to be given, and if the State Government’s Transportation and Roads Department does not want to address the issue; Here, the loser can be Mazatlan as a tourist destination, warned Román Aguayo Hernández.

The secretary general of Atamsa clarified that prior to offering a service the Ministry of Public Security and the Commune are notified so that they are aware of what may happen; He even shares the idea of ​​arresting all those who violate the Police and Good Governance Branch.

“We are working right now; first, making a notification to the authority mainly Public Security and the City Council to foresee any riot or obstruction of roads that may affect the passangers we take to the airport, “he said.

He said that in particular he shares the idea of ​​the mayor, that it is necessary to start withdrawing concessions, and also can even open public transport to competition, the federal government should ensure open and free competition, that forces the sector to improve the service , your units and give a more efficient deal for tourists.

“We have to raise, and raise our voices because we can not continue the disorder, their cant be first class Mexicans and second class, I believe that we must all comply with the Law by ordering a city, and the image that Mazatlan is giving for that type of blockages is unpleasant, “he said.

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Aguayo Hernández described as positive the position of the local authorities of no longer allowing another blockade, to the extent that there will be arrests and turns to the judge of Barandilla, because, said this only affects the image of Mazatlan nationally and internationally.

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