‘Mexico could prevent bloodshed in Venezuela’


The Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Williams Dávila, calls President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to demand Nicolás Maduro to resign.

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Nicolás Maduro “feels at this isolated moment, but like all fierce wounds, in a stroke of those you can take whoever wants”, affirmed the Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Williams Dávila after the recognition of several countries of the European Union to the opposition Juan Guaidó as President in Charge of Venezuela. 

In an interview with Patricia Rodríguez Calva, for the First Broadcast of Radio Image, the Venezuelan legislator called on the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to help avoid bloodshed.

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If Mexico takes the decision of the democratic International Community to demand (Nicolás) Maduro to resign, and that direct, universal and secret elections be opened as soon as possible with new electoral authorities, it would make a great contribution to avoid bloodshed in Venezuela, “said Dávila.

This morning, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Sweden announced the recognition of Juan Guaidó as president “in charge” in Venezuela for the organization of new presidential elections, this, once the deadline for Maduro to convene them.

The Spanish chief executive also said that he will promote a humanitarian aid plan within the European Union for Venezuela and that the decision to recognize the president of the National Assembly is a position that has been agreed, so in the coming hours and days other countries can join the efforts for the Venezuelan cause, Euronews said.

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Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom gave Maduro’s government eight days, starting on January 26, to call elections. Otherwise, they threatened to recognize the opposition leader as interim president.

Meanwhile, a score of countries, including the United States, decided not to recognize Maduro’s second term, which began on January 10, claiming that it is the product of “fraudulent” elections held last May.

Instead, they recognized the president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó, who on January 23 was proclaimed as “president in charge” of Venezuela, appealing to Article 233 of the Constitution, Sputnik said.

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