León, Guanajuato filled with Shrimp to promote Mazatlan


The event “La Camaroniza de Naturleón 2019” brought together travel agencies from all over the region to promote Mazatlan and its attractions, including the International Carnival

León, Guanajuato.-   From sight, love is born, therefore the agency Naturleón wanted to surprise tourist operators in the Bajío area of ​​Mexico with a small sample of what will be the 121st edition of the International Carnival of Mazatlan, Equinox: the Reborn of the Senses. 

Alonso Yerena Zambrano CEO of Naturleón, said that for 18 years offer a “camaroniza” in honor of the port, to invite travel agencies of Querétaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí and Jalisco, to know what the city has to offer , although for five years the promotion has grown due to the safe environment that Mazatlan has. 

“Precisely before the Mazatlan carnival, where we are inviting all travel agents to promote and try to sell this beautiful destination as Mazatlan, Sinaloa.”

Shrimp pate, shrimp tamales and cream shrimp with a rice to the gardener, was the offering they gave to the delight of dozens of attendees, who were able to know through a summary the points to know in the destination, as not only offers sun and beach, but tradition, tour the stately or magical tour quite close that will make the stay an unforgettable memory. 

“Of course, there is a tasting of typical Mazatlan dishes such as shrimp, I mean, going to Mazatlan, it is not going to Mazatlan, we tried to give them something typical of Mazatlan”.

To the sample the members of the mazatleca royalty of the International Carnival of 2018, SGM Alexa, Sofia, Tulio and Radames joined as well as a group of dancers who gave chair of tropical dances like the samba. 

Source: lineadirecta

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