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Traditional Mexican cooks generate national pride in its cuisine

They are women who since they were small have formed between stoves and now they represent the Mexican cuisine in the world, discover more here. 

Women of clay, corn and cocoa, their hands give life to the tradition of our land. Cooks that from small have been formed between stoves and now represent the Mexican cuisine in the world. 

Pilar Cabrera

This Oaxacan cook, attracted by the magic of the markets, studied food engineering and worked in the area of ​​research and development of Herdez. In 1994, he opened with his family Café La Olla Gallery, where he shows respect for the ingredients. Currently, she transmits her knowledge at Casa de los Sabores, a project that is more than seven years old and took her to a new facet of her life: teaching.

Benedicta Alejo

She is a traditional Michoacan cook who is part of the rescue movement of Mexican cuisine. Since she was little, this purépecha has been among the hearths and the housework. He cooked for Pope Benedict XVI in 2012. His mole of cheese and his corundas, among other stews, have put the Michoacan cuisine around the planet on high.

Celia Florián

Characterized by tradition and homemade seasoning. She is a Oaxacan woman who shows us Mexican food since its origins. In 1992, he founded his restaurant Las Quince Letras, which focuses on showing the products of the region. She is a collaborator at the Conservatory of Mexican Cuisine and spokesperson for Slow Food Oaxaca. Currently, he shares his knowledge with his son Alam Méndez in Hall of Smoke, a restaurant that takes the products of the market to prepare them with traditional cooking techniques.

Nicolasa Hernández

Between moles and pimples , she continues with the family tradition. Its cuisine shows the seasoning that is acquired from the experience. Tlaxcala represents love and respect for local ingredients. Nicolasa has participated in different festivals and meetings where she reaffirms the variety of dishes of her land.

Abigail Mendoza

She is one of the most important cooks in our country. Its flavors have crossed barriers and conquered the most demanding palates. His restaurant Tlamanali is considered one of the best in the world, because it shows dishes with history, such as tlayudas, tamales, nicoatole, tejate, moles, and festive meals for body and soul.

Juana Amaya

From Oaxacan lands Amaya is a woman who imposes on Mexican cuisine. His hands confirm the office he has developed for years and now passes to his son. Because traditional cuisine is not only for women, what matters is the value it is given. She prepares pozol like no other, her hands shake the dough with cocoa that results in a sparkling drink worthy of the gods.

Eustodia González

To find this cheerful lady with pigtailed hair, you have to ask for Doña China: she is famous for the empanadas she has been selling for 20 years, made with the recipes of her mother Asunción Ruíz. Of her four sisters, Eustodia is the only one who continued the profession of cook. For the village festivities (from October 15 to 20, and August 15: Day of Santa María Asunción), she and the women of her community make yellow tamale in milpa leaf, as well as pozole with yellow.

Juana Monterrubio Bonifacio

It can be found in the middle part of the Sierra Norte, sheltered by La Malinche. It is mixe and its work making banana tortillas with yellow bean is remarkable. He does not speak Spanish, so he relies on his only daughter: Imelda. He did not know his mother, everything he knows about cooking he learned from his grandmother since he was 12 years old. As a traditional cook she has participated in the Saber del Sabor and in the First Meeting of Traditional Cookers of Oaxaca.

Source:Gourmet de México

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