Sinaloa: Oyster Fair in Celestino Gazca ends today with over 50 tons served


For the third consecutive year the event that attracts national and foreign locals and tourists takes place.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The oyster is not only consumed in its shell and that was evident in the third edition of the Oyster Fair of Celestino Gazca ¿, Municipality of Elota.

Hundreds of locals and national and foreign tourists come to this great event in which around 50 tons of stone mollusk were consumed.

The municipal president Geovani Escobar Manjarrez, informed, it is a family event that seeks to trigger the work of the people, whose majority of inhabitants is dedicated to the commercialization of the product of the sea.

“The event was joined by motochopers who come from other states to taste the rich oyster, whose fame reaches all of Mexico and other countries of the world such as the United States.”

As City Council, he said, supported so that each year is better, because it is an activity that projects Elota nationally, through its rich oysters, which are extracted from the beaches of the community of Celestino Gazca.

The assistance first went through each of the establishments, around 20, where they could admire the different ways in which the mollusk can be consumed.

At the event, the attendees had the opportunity to taste the oyster, not only in its shell, but the Roquefeller, gratin, tatemados, ceviche and even tacos.

They could not miss the campechanas, served in glasses like “chabela”, which circulated among the tables accompanied by amber or cola.

Among the dishes stood the oyster tatemado to the embers, whose shell served so that it was in its point, ready to be consumed with sauce and lemon.

In the midst of a family environment, there was no one who asked if in reality this product of the sea gave sexual power, which blushed the people who were responsible for opening them, who indicated that they always ask the same.

Those responsible for extracting the oyster did not stop, all with the sole purpose of satisfying the palate of attendance at this fair that ends today.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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