Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan negotiates with airlines for affordable flights


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan, negotiates with national airlines, to lower rates in some seasons of the year.

The airline director, Gilberto Aviles, said that this is to seek a better customer profile that leaves more money .

For years, Mazatlan has been classified as an expensive destination and there is no point in obtaining more flights if tourists prefer to travel to Culiacán since it is cheaper for them.

The same happens with the Mazatlecos who travel to the Sinaloan capital to travel, what is sought is that the aerial demand grows in this terminal.

For this Monday, a single flight from Mexico City in Viva Aerobús to Mazatlan, has a cost of three thousand 240 pesos and from Culiacán to the same destination, one thousand 456 pesos.

While in Aeromexico, the single flight from Mexico City to Culiacán has a cost of seven thousand 228 pesos and leaving Culiacán to the same destination, it has a price of three thousand 947.

Traveling from Mexico City to a destination like Puerto Vallarta in Aeromexico, has a cost of four thousand 31 pesos and 1,668 pesos in Viva Aerobús.

Aviles Bazúa, indicated that in the case of Mazatlan the prices vary, because according to the season they lower and raise the rates.

“Yes there is a possibility that tariffs are lowered as part of the negotiation we are doing with airlines, specifically national to make Mazatlan more accessible to domestic tourism, especially to have a better profile of customers,” he said.

He admitted that the challenge is to leave more spills not only in restaurants, to come to consume all-inclusive food and beverages, but also to let spills in towns like El Quelite, Copala, restaurants and shops.

He indicated that they are in negotiation with the Viva Aerobús, Interjet, Volaris, AeroMéxico, TAR and Aerocalafia and Magnicharters airlines.

The director of flights abounded, that in this season there are approximately 50 daily flights around 40 national and 10 international.

He assured that the airlines have arrived with a good occupation, are happy with Mazatlan, several lines have approached us, in order to develop new programs for the second semester of the year and for next winter.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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