In Sinaloa there are no pipelines and there is no shortage of fuel


The states where the shortage occurred are those that transport the fuel mainly through pipelines, cases in which Sinaloa and San Luis Potosí are not included.

Culiacan, Mexico Sinaloa.- president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that during his visit to Sinaloa confirmed that there is no shortage of fuel because the product not primarily transported by pipelines of Pemex.

It was after being questioned about some protests in which some people denounced that after being hired as pipe drivers, they were dismissed despite the program that had implemented hiring, which AMLO mentioned that in two states where there are no pipelines for transportation of fuel, there is no shortage.

In addition to Sinaloa, the other state that does not suffer or suffered shortages despite not having Pemex pipelines as the main means of transporting fuel was San Luis Potosí.

I was in Sinaloa, there are no pipelines, they have no supply problem

Therefore, he stressed that the problem of supply occurs in areas where the distribution is done with pipelines.

Source: El debate

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