Mexico: Tourism is a sector with great opportunities: says Alberto “Pepe” Coppel


Mazatlan, Sin., Tourism in Mexico has many opportunities to grow, to generate more income for its great diversities such as beaches, valleys, lakes, as well as its culture, history, as well as the gastronomy that is a World Heritage Site.

The above mentioned Alberto “Pepe” Coppel during his lecture entitled “Tourism: Generator of Favorable Conditions for Professional and Human Development”, which was attended by dozens of students in the tourism career, mainly, as well as professors, and public service providers, among others, 
It was a talk sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and Tecmilenio University, in which one of the main factors that the CEO of the hotels Pueblo Bonito pondered, was based on a thematic of improvement, of making them see the young people who attended the Convention Center where the event took place, the range of opportunities they have to overcome and achieve their own development.

Alberto Coppel, who has more than two decades of experience in hotel operations, vacation club, fractional and real estate properties, mentioned that the most important thing that our country has, “is something that they will not win us, and It’s your people. “

Mexico, he reiterated, has a people for tourism that nobody has, their hospitality and cordiality is unique in their services and attention.

Tourism, he insisted, is a gigantic range of opportunities, there are shipping, business, beach, natural, town, there is everything, which presents the development options and so you have to see tourism, like that, like that space, that we have to take advantage of.

He also released some statistics that have, among which he noted that tourism is the one that gives more employment to young people and is the second employer of women, in addition to having the sector as the third generator of foreign currency in the country and the sixth world place with more visitors, second only to France, Spain, the United States, China and Italy.

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