Forbes recommends a second home purchase in Mexico, Chile, Colombia or Brazil


orbes magazine has recommended those who can afford it and have dollars to buy a second home in Mexico, Chile, Colombia or Brazil because of the opportunities that these countries have created due to the strength of the US currency.

They are the “four best places to buy a house abroad in 2019” as indicated by the publication in an article in which he notes that “the current strength of the dollar is creating opportunities in some of the most attractive places in the world to have a home “

The magazine highlights the revaluation of the dollar in the last 12 months against the Brazilian real (16.5%), the Colombian peso (6.1%), the Mexican peso (5.5%) and the Chilean peso (7.8%). %), a revaluation that has skyrocketed in January of this year.

In Brazil, Forbes proposes buying on the coast, both in large cities such as Rio de Janeiro and in smaller towns such as Florianopolis.

In particular it recommends Maceió, the capital of the state of Alagoas, located on the east coast between Recife and Salvador de Bahia.

In Colombia, the city of Medellín stands out, which for the writer of the article, Kathleen Peddicord, represents an opportunity both for investment and for retirement.

“I predict that in five or seven years, when you say ‘Medellin’ to an average American, he will think: Retirement,” says the magazine, which, however, warns about controls on change, bureaucratic restrictions and high taxes. .

“Mexico is a big place with a bad reputation”, Peddicord starts his introduction about this country, which highlights its coasts, mountain towns, colonial cities, its Mayan ruins and its nature.

In addition, she describes it as “the most accessible refuge abroad from the United States” and points out that more than one million Americans already reside in Mexico, of which 500,000 own a home.

The magazine proposes Mazatlan, on the Pacific coast, as one of the options in this country, which highlights the ease of establishing itself as well as its proximity to the United States.

Finally, Forbes highlights Chile as the nation where it can be easier to settle for expatriates and retirees because of its highways, communications and high standards of living, as well as for its prosperity, security ,and stability.

In this fourth country, the publication recommends the coastal town of La Serena, in front of Santiago de Chile, which it describes as a “great and modern city” but with “high levels of pollution”.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, Forbes

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