Mazatlan: Malecon construction not yet been delivered to the municipality completed


There are cables and hoses exposed in ridges, streets, and even on sidewalks.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The work of remodeling the Malecon, including paving, reached an investment of 382 million pesos and has not yet been delivered to the municipality, says the director of Municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay.

The official reiterated that they will not receive the work until it is completed and complies with everything specified in the project. In addition, there is a guarantee and will be required to be fulfilled.


In a tour of Del Mar Avenue, it can be seen that the details that have been denounced again and again, such as drip irrigation, have not been addressed.

You can see all kinds of cables, hoses of all sizes and colors between the earth and the flowers. 

Also, the edges of some sidewalks and crosses are half. The dried palms have not been completely replaced. Also missing long stretches of ridge that were not decorated.

In those spaces you can see ditches and hills of land. This, in addition to giving a bad image, represents a risk for those who cross these spaces.

Source: El Debate

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