Sinaloa advances in the fight against corruption


According to the INEGI, it goes from place 31 to 19 in reducing the perception of corruption and it also occupies the third national place in online procedures and is third in qualification and citizen satisfaction

  • The Electronic Government model has worked, with the Digital Notary, Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Citizen programs, reports the Secretary of Innovation, José de Jesús Gálvez Cázares, in his appearance at the State Congress.
  • With the State Anticorruption System, cases of irregularities in administrative procedures have been reduced.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.-  Sinaloa went from place 31 to 19 in the best perception of corruption, and also occupies the third places nationwide in Online Procedures and Qualification and Citizen Satisfaction, announced the Secretary of Innovation, José de Jesús Gálvez Cázares.

During his appearance in the State Congress, within the framework of the gloss and analysis of the Second Report of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the state official stressed that with the Electronic Government model implemented by the State Government, very good results have been obtained , mainly in the reduction of cases of corruption and streamlining of procedures.

Also in the programs, technologies and equipment that have been established and installed in Sinaloa to reduce cases of corruption in state procedures; expedite the obtaining of documents both in windows and electronically; that the universities have free internet; improve the collection; and more.

Gálvez Cázares informed the members of the Commission of Transparency, Anticorruption and Citizen Participation of the LXIII Legislature of the State Congress, that in what refers to the State Anticorruption System, this scheme was implemented with the objective of combating corruption in various areas of the Government of Sinaloa, through the use of Technologies with Digital Citizen.

With 114 days of operation, almost 14 thousand 500 files have been integrated due to detected anomalies, mainly in the process of insurance policies, invoices or voluntary jurisdiction, official identification, proof of address, and license plates. At least 3,000 procedures have been rejected.

The State Anticorruption System is currently applied in the state government, and gradually it will be implemented in the rest of the entity. By March it will be operating in Mazatlán and Los Mochis; in April in Guasave and Guamúchil; in May in Navolato and in the modules of Culiacán (Plaza Fiesta, State Government, Cattle Fair, Las Américas, Plaza Sur, UAdeO and Campiña); in June the modules of Los Mochis (Plaza Fiesta), Mazatlán (La Gran Plaza and San Joaquín) and Guasave (Plaza Cristina) and from July to November the rest of the state.

Along with this system, modern platforms have been established for the electronic realization of procedures, such as Digital Notary, Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Citizen, so that of the total collection of the State Government, 40 percent has been captured by digital means, with more than one million 137 thousand visits to the website, whose users have made 788 thousand transactions.

With Digital Assistance and the established communication channels, the taxpayer is oriented to a better efficiency in its procedures, while improving transparency, and as a consequence, possible acts of corruption are reduced.

Gálvez Cázares explained to the legislators that on the instructions of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, 33 educational institutions have been supported in the main municipalities, especially in the upper secondary level, so that they have the adequate internet service that facilitates the tasks of the teachers and the learning of the students.

The head of the Ministry of Innovation, before the head of the Political Coordination Board of the State Congress, Graciela Dominguez Nava and the president of the Board, Marco César Almaral, emphasized that in what refers to the Electronic Government, Sinaloa is at the forefront, so it will continue to close the gap to reach about 80 percent of the procedures under this modality, also committed to soon will have a traceability of home deliveries, so that citizens can monitor the status of the service requested.

Similarly, actions have been implemented that have allowed significant savings, such as zero paper in internal procedures, as various applications (travel, vacation, proof, and more).

The state official also informed the local deputies that they have internally certified many of the processes of state agencies, which today are performed more effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the Sinaloans, especially with greater transparency and accountability.

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