They register the arrival of 100 whale shark specimens to La Paz


In previous years, La Paz has counted on the sighting of 150 specimens, in an area near the Mogote

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS).  The director of the Natural Commission of Natural Protected Areas Conanp ), Benito Bermúdez  mentioned that, this year the arrival of 100 whale shark species is expected to the Bay of La Paz, so they expect that during the next month of March, increase the number of arrivals.

He also explained that, in previous years, La Paz has counted on the sighting of 150 specimens, in an area near the Mogote.

“We have the historical record of the presence of this animal, each year has increased the number of juveniles approaching in the bay of La Paz, in the area near the Mogote, we have had seasons with more than 150 whale shark specimens , this year decreased the number, we expect it to rise during the month of March and estimate around 100 copies, “Bermudez said.

It should be noted that, last November, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources(Semarnat) announced the formation of the refuge area called Bahía de La Paz , in order to guarantee the conservation of the whale shark ( Rhincondon typus ), protect its habitat and contribute to its development.

This area has an area of ​​22,749.08 hectares and is located south of Baja California Sur , starting from the coast line that starts from San Juan de la Costa , in the north and until the entrance of the La Paz cove, in the Punta de El Mogote and the Malecón de La Paz .

Finally, Semarnat added that the biological wealth of this area is a tourist attraction where activities such as observation and swimming of whale sharks are carried out, which must be developed under good practices.

Source: Mega Noticias BCS

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