The IMF will fail in its growth forecast for Mexico says AMLO


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador rejected the IMF’s estimates on the growth of the Mexican economy and predicted that it will grow more than 2 percent.

In a press conference at the National Palace, the head of the federal executive mentioned that an element that he has to maintain that Mexico will grow to more than 2% is that recently the price of the dollar has fallen against the national currency. 

“I see very well the impact of these actions, they have looked good in the international market, with foreign investors, everyone has their way of measuring it. I can tell you that the weight has been appreciated in these 46 days as in four, five percent. ” 

López Obrador assured that the appreciation of the peso, the stability in the stock market and the price of gasoline have been a good sign . “I do not want to throw the bells on the fly, I do not want to be a triumphalist, but the weight has been strengthening. That’s a good sign”. 

“The stock market has remained stable, no problem. The price of gas has not increased. “

President López Obrador reiterated that the Mexican economy will grow above 2% and will be better than the IMF forecasts. 

“The growth projections vary, it is much better that the International Monetary Fund says that growth is going to be two points, because that way we will surprise them, the economy will grow more. Your forecast will fail, I say it in a respectful way. “

“Why do they see what we are doing well? Because abroad some people knew about this, about what they stole, three billion dollars a year, and others are surprised because they did not have the information. But all approve that these actions have been undertaken. So, we’re doing well, that’s what I think, and we’re going to be better. ” 

Source: El Economista

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