Mexican closes its bar in Russia due to neighbors’ complaints about noise and parties


The young man had to close the bar after a month of its opening.

Carlos Rocka,  a Mexican who accompanied his girlfriend Thaylin Méndez, in June and November of last year inaugurated two bars in Yekaterinburg, Russia, after the World Cup. However, the rst one was only open one month, due to complaints from neighbors and local restaurants.

“The parties lasted until dawn and even until the evening of the next day, all with noise and joy, and not everyone was happy with this,” Carlos told the Russian half  Nasha Gazeta. 

After the first failure as an entrepreneur, Carlos, along with his girlfriend, and two other friends, Patricio and Paul opened another bar in November, called “Viva México”.

Carlos, who works for a Mexican telecommunications company, told  Nasha Gazeta that for this project he  invested 2 million rubles, which he has not yet recouped, but the young man does not despair:

“In Yekaterinburg there are no Latin venues , where our music plays and our drinks are served. The Russians do not know how to have fun, they are too conservative people, “explained the Mexican.

The idea of the entrepreneurs is to give a strong Latin touch to their place, from food to music.

The Mexican does not rule out opening similar venues in Rostov, Samara, and Ivanovo.

Since the end of 2018, Carlos was a tourist in Russia, but according to the newspaper Excelsior, he has already begun the procedures to legalize his stay in the country. He assures that the cold and the Russian winter do not scare him, in fact, he is convinced that the Russians would go colder in northern Mexico.

Source: Mientras Tanto en Mexico

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