CFE is also robbed: loses 25,700 mdp for ‘diablitos’


CFE said that large corporations also engage in these illegal practices and are fine-tuning the fight against them.

CFE to regularize 40.9 thousand users that consume electricity but has no contract, with an investment of 758 million pesos, in the period 2018-2022

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) calculates that the theft of electricity amounts to 25,700 million pesos in the first half of last year, so the new administration will maintain the fight against this crime, assured the Director of Corporate Communications, Luis Bravo.

In a meeting with media, the official explained that the company adds total losses of 59 thousand 953 million pesos, including technical and non-technical, the latter derived from ramming, diablitos and hanging cables on poles.

However, there are more losses due to the operation of the company itself, due to the energy that is dissipated due to the physical properties of the system and the drivers in transmission, transformation and distribution, which cost more, estimated at 34 thousand 253 million pesos.

The official explained that the main objective of the company is to eliminate the “diablitos”, as they are the ones most responsible for the crime of theft of electricity.

According to the Development Program of the National Electric System 2018-2032, several actions have been contemplated to reduce this scourge, among which the following stand out:

Regularization of 40.9 thousand users that consume electricity but do not have a contract, with an investment of 758 million pesos, in the 2018-2022 period.

With this, it is intended to incorporate these consumers, which implies the expansion of the distribution network in these colonies that lack electrical infrastructure, and make use of electrical energy in an irregular manner.

Another project is related to replacing 5.3 million meters that are damaged or that have already reached their useful life over the same period, which will require investments for 7 thousand 51 million pesos.

Luis Bravo said he did not know if debts will be forgiven to clients of the CFE in the southeast of the country, mainly Tabasco, which was one of the campaign promises of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

According to the State’s own productive enterprise, there are 677 thousand 168 domestic users, of which 489 thousand 569 owe approximately 8 thousand 81 million pesos, a figure as of July 2018.

Source: El Universal

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