RV Caravan arrival expected this Saturday


Los Mochis, Sin.- This weekend a caravan of Canadians will arrive on board of “motorhomes”, better known as RVs, to the municipality. This arrival will be historic, because, due to multiple reasons, this tourist sector stopped visiting us and, now, after several efforts they return to give Ahome a second chance.

Drusilla Montoya Cota, of the sub-direction of Tourism in Ahome, explained that the convoy is integrated by 12 units that transport
between 25 and 30 people, which will be escorted by the Federal Police from the Mexico City Highway 15 and, upon reaching Los Mochis, they will adopt security measures with the Municipal Police to guarantee a calm and pleasant stay.

“We are coordinating efforts with agents from Canada, the United States, for this type of tourism to return.

We are very happy to announce that on Saturday afternoon comes a caravan of 12 motorhomes, comes from Álamos (Sonora), but they come from Canada.

We are doing everything possible to give them the best of welcomes, because they feel very well and, obviously, that they are promoters of our destination and that little by little we are recovering that segment that we worked so hard to attract, “She said.

Finally, Montoya Cota emphasized that the acceptance of this group of tourists to visit our city is a great achievement in terms of the tour.

Although she clarified, they will continue working in the promotion of the municipality so that more sectors of travelers are interested in Los Mochis and its surroundings

Source: Luz Noticias

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