Surprise arrival of spipe fish “PAJARITO” to Mazatlan


The Playa Norte pangueros catch the small fish during the winter season.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Unusually, the arrival of the small fish, is usually recorded in mid-May.

The president of the Union of Fish Vendors of the pier of Playa Norte , Maria del Rosario Flores Galindo, reported that although the presence of the fish is minimal, it is notorious.

He said that fishermen in the area take between three and four kilograms a day, which immediately “accommodate” it among the merchants so that they sell it to the consuming public.

The vendors offer 100 pesos per kilo of headless bird, completely clean, ready to put it in the pan and start cooking, either fried or on average.

Another purchase option, he said, is the whole bird without cleaning, which has a cost of 80 pesos per kilo, 10 pesos more than that recorded during last year’s catches.

Flores Galindo mentioned that the fish is caught even during the mornings, since fishermen usually catch it at night, especially if there is a full moon.

He pointed out that the water in the bay is possibly kept at a warm temperature, a factor that causes fish to approach in schools, which attracts not only sea workers, but also the birds that like them.

The merchant leader acknowledged that the current catches of the bird fish are not the same as those of 15 years ago, because at that time a panga caught about half a ton.

The abundance of that fish, he said, benefited people who like to consume it, because at the wharf he could buy a bucket full for only 100 pesos.

Source: Sol de Mazatlan, Sel

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