Mazatlan: Lienzo Charro 100% ready for Carnival 2019



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Carmelita Maestre, director of the “Lazaré Primera” Foundation, confirms that for the Carnival festivities, at the end of February, some shows will have to be held in the Lienzo Charro of the Juarez neighborhood, including a party with young charros and a bullfight of bulls.

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For this, he said, the bull ring has already been revised by municipal Civil Protection authorities and is “a hundred” in its structure, although it will have to undergo much rehabilitation in terms of painting and enjarres and other types of arrangements.

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He said that young and beautiful amazons will participate in several charro luck, before the bullfighting program by different rejoneadores and matadores. There will be a cultural and artistic festival, with a cost of recovery.

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Carmelita explained that women will do different routines as if it were a ballet, but on horseback.

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The capacity of Lienzo Charro is from 1,500 to two thousand people. He recognized that this building for charros and bullfighting of animals was forgotten, but with these shows, it will recover its splendor.

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The teacher stressed that there are already Civil Protection permits, who already came to check the building and confirm the strength of the piles and what is necessary for the structure; “There is confidence for the public”.

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Source: SEL

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