Mazatlan businesses must pay fees for signs

Víctor Sainz Sánchez specified that groceries and businesses that have their advertising plastered on the wall with signs are exempt from the tax.
Businesses and companies that use ads, signs or billboards to advertise must pay the corresponding tax to the Commune on the basis of the municipal construction regulations, informed Víctor Sainz Sánchez, director of Planning and Urban Development.
The municipal official specified that, based on the regulations stipulated in the Official Gazette of the Federation, this payment must be annual and the amount is determined based on the size, taking into account the square meters of the same.
However, he said that those obliged to comply with this tax are establishments that have one or more on its facade, structures, and pedestrian bridges, whether acrylic or poster, but not those whose advertising is shown on the walls by signs, a common case in groceries, as well as in small businesses.

What determines the cost, the difference, is based on the surface area of each advertisement, for example, if it is in a self-supporting post and it is for both of them that the collection will be on both sides based on the square meters.
At the same time, he mentioned that there is a pattern to carry out a control on the subject to have knowledge of the number of businesses, in addition to the date in which they must comply with this lien.
When the deadline expires, he said, the owners are notified by means of notification so that within 24 to 48 hours they are updated, but in case they don’t comply, the announcement is suspended.
Sainz Sanchez added that what was collected for this tax that enters the municipal coffers through the Revenue Directorate is used in various expenses.
Source: Punto.Mx
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