Mazatlan: They are going to remove taxi permits and apprehend whoever blocks access

MAZATLÁN.- The Secretary of State Tourism, Óscar Pérez Barros, considered that the problem in transport is complex, where they are currently in a truce for 10 days to continue advancing in a definitive solution.
And he warned that if it is blocked again, the state government will withdraw permits, no matter the tourism and social costs that this represents.
He informed that it is the commitment of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel that this problem be solved in depth.
“I’m honest, you can not come up with a bottom-up solution from one day to the next, that’s why I’m grabbing an agreement that worked since 2009 … but there are things that have already changed, there are other needs, Uber is already there.”
At a press conference, the state official said that tourists who come down from the units are not happy, so it is an issue that has to be resolved.
“We have made progress, it really is not a problem of 40 years ago, but all agreements have their cycle, their beginning and end and things in 40 years change a lot …, in that we are going to work and we have made progress,” he said.
Pérez Barros said that there is a will of the red, green taxis …, of all there is a great will and it had never been given to all those involved together seeing each other’s faces, which shows maturity.
He indicated that they have asked for “flat floor” for all, and they will do it, where the authority is in the disposition to apply the law, and the City Council also.
“If we did not arrive, but I know we are going to arrive because there is goodwill that there are no blockades, but if there are blockages, permits will be removed and the municipal president said it clearly: the one that blocks me, is going to the jail.
“Yes we are going to apply the law, we are willing the Government to support the tourist price, the social price that it takes us to apply the law, because that has to be done as authority, state, and municipality, and we are going to do it, but I am confident that we’re not going to get to that, “he said
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