Sinaloa to export sorghum to China


Culiacán, Sinaloa, One of the projects in this month of January to improve the conditions of the Sinaloa camp, is to conclude sanitary protocols to specify the exports of Sinaloa sorghum for human consumption to China, said the secretary of Agriculture and Livestock.

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Manuel Esteban Tarriba Urtuzuástegui, said that currently sorghum is sold to the Asian country but this is for livestock consumption so it works in coordination with the National Service of Health, Safety and Agri-food Quality of the federal government, to implement the necessary protocols that will allow producers from Sinaloa, to send their harvest of sorghum for human consumption.

“The sorghum – the state official said – can now be exported to China but for livestock consumption, here the issue is to end the protocols so that China can be accepted sorghum for human consumption that they consume a lot in different presentations”.

If the trade agreement is made concrete, Secretary Tarriba added, the option of sowing sorghum to market it to China would represent an important productive and economic alternative for the producers of Sinaloa.

“Definitely,” Secretary Tarriba said, “it would be an interesting market, not only for those who already produce sorghum, so that more sorghum is produced and there are soils that do not have a desired productivity in corn that could have sorghum in sorghum. , these lands would be optimal for sorghum sowing under this market; we should see how the markets come; right now it is to release the export protocols for China and we are already looking for markets at the same time “.

In July of last year, a commission from the Ministry of Health of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, visited the port facilities, grain storage warehouses and sorghum fields in the state in order to learn about the process productive and sanitary management as a prerequisite for the signing of a commercial agreement with Mexico on agrifood matters; Currently, fruits such as mango and grains such as corn are in the process of being released for sale to the Asian country.

Source: SEL

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