Sinaloa Congress tell Mayors to go to work, No increase to property tax


The Morena deputy ensures that among those who owe this tax are hotels of the governor.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- There are hoteliers, businessmen, the airport of Culiacán and owners of residences that owe millions of property tax, accused the local deputy of Morena, Emilia Guerra.

She added that they did not approve the increase to the property tax, because it would affect more people and that the mayors should go to work.

It is false that “the increase was not authorized for favoring the rich,” insisted the legislator.

Few Pay

In the entity, 100 percent of the cadastral keys, does not meet even 40 percent, and really the one who pays is the citizenship, which is the least.

Guerra asks the municipal presidents to let them work and for them to do their job.

That they apply the law and they charge the big debtors because even among the hotels that owe are properties of the governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the deputy abounded.

If the municipal presidents demonstrate that they can collect and access more resources via the property tax, the proposal for an increase would be revised and could perhaps authorize them next year. But, as long as it does not affect the pocket of the bulk of the population as much.

The legislator says that they have accused even ignorant for not approving the increase to the property, “but it does not matter,” his commitment is to the people and look after their interests.

It has been pointed out that the minimum wage was increased, but there have also been increases in other areas and families do not have the capacity to increase taxes.

The deputies Yeraldine Badilla, Antonio Crespo, and Emilia Guerra reiterate that now, every time they raise their hands is to make a well-thought decision.

Its priority is to look after the interests of the citizens who gave them their vote: “They trusted us and they will not be disappointed.”

Source: El Debate

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