Foreigner caught shooting into the air new years eve files complaint.


Foreigner caught shooting into the air new years eve and previously thought to be of Canadian origin files complaint against police.

The mayor of Escuinapa assures that the municipal agents were fulfilling their duty.

Escuinapa.- The young 25 – year-old who was arrested for shooting in the air in Colonia Pueblo Nuevo, during the festivities of New Year ‘s Eve is an American citizen and filed a complaint with the consulate in Hermosillo against Public Security and Municipal Transit.


It was on January 1 at 1:00 am, when preventive elements stopped in fragrance Aldo N., 25 years old, in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood to surprise him by firing a 45-caliber pistol, mark Kimber, license plate k560966. The young man was placed at the disposal of the competent authority in the port of Mazatlan.


Juan Carlo Nataren Ovando, director of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, said he received a call from the consulate of Hermosillo, where he was notified of the complaint filed by the young American and that he would get a document in the coming days.

The weapon that was confiscated.


“I received a call from the consulate to inform me of the complaint that the young man had been arrested for firing a firearm and that they were about to send an official document to notify the dissatisfaction of this young American who in our country violated the law”, Nataren Ovando reported.

The police chief said that the document sent by the consulate to the municipality will be taken care of and the corresponding legal procedure will be carried out, since the youth incurred a fault that put the lives of third parties at risk. 

“From that detention (young American) I was a witness and I can inform you that the elements acted in accordance with the law and proceeded to carry out the corresponding legal procedure in this case and based on it will be submitted to this international organization,” said Nataren Ovando.

Emmett Soto Grave, the municipal president, backed the Municipal Police, since the youth incurred an illegality and that the consulate will be answered in a timely manner. 

He will be informed of how the facts occurred, that the young man was arrested in red-handed shooting in the air, a fact that could cost the life of some person. 

“We can not allow a foreigner to come to risk the lives of children, women or parents for irresponsibility. One thing is that in the United States everything is allowed, there they use R-15 and even ‘goat horns’ and there are killings in public parks; But here in Mexico, carrying a weapon for the exclusive use of the Army is punishable, “said Grave Soto.

He reported that the municipality has already received the office of the consulate and it specifies a supposed abuse of authority and that the detainee was extracted 2,500 dollars that have not been delivered, a situation that has been denied by the elements.

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