Night of Chaos in Mexico City due to gasoline shortage


Despite the call not to panic, citizens made long lines to buy fuel during a long night in which chaos reigned.

The crisis for the supply of gas reached Mexico City where on Tuesday night there were long hours of rows of motorists waiting to buy fuel in fear that the crisis will worsen in the coming days.

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Although the state oil company Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) issued a statement in the afternoon stating that there was no shortage in the capital and that people avoid panic purchases, motorists unleashed chaos in different parts of the metropolitan area. Mexico’s valley.

At 22:00 hours, representatives of the capital gasolineros reported that 12 of the 366 service stations in the city had run out of fuel. Most motorists waited between 30 and 45 minutes to fill the tank and although some looked for ways to buy gas in gallons, to store it, the employees of the service stations refused to sell it.

The shortage began to register on Thursday of last week in at least eight states of the country before a change in the strategy of distribution of fuel, in addition to the project to combat clandestine theft, mainly gasoline.

“Due to the logistics adjustments to combat the theft of fuels made by Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), service stations have been registered in Mexico City without some hydrocarbons such as Magna, Premium and Diesel gasoline,” the capital government reported.

If the situation worsens in the country’s capital, it would affect more than 30 million owners of private cars, not counting public transport.

Private companies selling gasoline such as Hidrosina and Total issued communications to indicate that the situation is beyond their control and that everything depends on the supply of Pemex.

“Our teams work 24 hours a day so that each station is supplied and is back to normal, ” says a statement from the company Total in which it recognizes that one of its gas stations is closed due to lack of fuel.

Another statement from the company Hidrosina said that “we are subject to the availability of distribution by Pemex.”

A third statement, from the company G500 explained that it is “a temporary situation that does not affect all our service stations and that is changing from one moment to another.”

Infobae made a tour of Reforma Avenue, one of the main ones in the city, and although the traffic was normal, there were areas with delays that were close to the petrol stations of this avenue that later becomes a causeway of the Mysteries.

Two gas stations are located on this street and both had service until 10:10 pm. The first row located in Calza de los Misterios, near the corner with Circuito Interior, had a line of approximately 30 cars and the service was slow.

Resultado de imagen para Noche de caos en Ciudad de México por desabasto de gasolina

The second gas station located in Calzada Misterios, almost on the corner with Robles Domínguez, had a larger one, since there were heavy freight buses on the street, making a second row to enter the gas station.

The line covered almost 3 blocks and blocked the entrance to a service store that is located on the same side, the motorists were annoying as some cars began to get into or make a second row for the fuel intake.

Some people tried to buy gas in gallons (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Some people tried to buy gas in gallons (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

On Insurgentes Avenue, another of the main roads of the capital, between the section of Reforma to Baja California, there are two other gas stations that also had long lines and although it did not interfere with the traffic, there was chaos because the drivers of the cars, instead of standing in line, they tried to enter through the different income of the stations.

Resultado de imagen para Noche de caos en Ciudad de México por desabasto de gasolina

In other areas such as Calzada de Tlalpan, to the south, long lines were also reported, before the closure of at least service stations.

After the news of the shortage of gasoline, Internet users decided to create a map in Google to alert other people in what gas stations there is no service so they avoid turning around without getting fuel.

The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) indicated that it supports the federal government’s plan against the so-called huchicol, but to say that there is no shortage is a gross lie. Millions of people and thousands of companies testify to this. The action is an urgent and courageous decision, but its terrible planning and clumsy implementation “.

For his part, Jesús Ramírez, coordinator of Social Communication of the federal government told Milenio Televisión that the weekend could be solved the shortage that he attributed to the displacement of fuels by pipes; the return to classes, and that the strategy coincided with the weekend.

Source: Infobae

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