With the sad faces tourists return to their destination


People who arrived in Mazatlan for the Holidays said they will return to Mazatlan to continue enjoying it with their families and explorings the attractions of the port.

Mazatlan, Sin.- The vacation period ends and tourists from different states of the republic who arrived at the port of Mazatlan to spend the holidays with relatives, or simply to enjoy a trip with friends, return to their destination on Monday to continue with their activities.

The visitors were sad because their stay in the port is about to end, they said that it was not enough these days to enjoy their relatives, and the attractions of the port, such as the Mazatlan Aquarium, the boardwalk, the center historical and the cathedral, that expressed in an opinion poll.

“I’m running out of vacation, because I had not seen my family, but I’m going back.”

“If I would like to stay here, but I’m leaving on Monday.”

“Not wanting to return to my house anymore.”

“I missed many places to visit, I would like to return.”

“No, I do not want to go back, it’s fine father.”

“With desire to return”

Tourists promised to return to the port at the first opportunity since these winter vacations were very short, so they lacked time to live with their families, and travel the entire city.

Source: linea directa

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