What it will cost you to process your Mexican passport this 2019


If you are now a naturalized citizen of Mexico or a Mexico native.

The SRE published the new rates to process the identity document, whose cost is proportional to its validity time.

Processing the passport is not free of the annual price increase. Since January 1, obtaining this document is up to 5% more expensive than in the year that just ended.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made public the new rates, proportional to the validity of the passport.

Image: Courtesy Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The greatest increase occurs in the processing of the one-year validity passport, which only applies to children under 3 years of age. From 580 pesos in 2018 to 610 pesos in 2019: 5.17% more.

The three-year passport increased 4.97% compared to 2018, when the rate was 1,205 pesos. The 6-year-old suffered an increase of 4.51%, compared to the 1,735 pesos of last year, and the 10-year one, costs 4.70% or 120 pesos more.

For people over 60, people with disabilities or agricultural workers related to Canada apply 50% discount on the procedure.

Source: SRE

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