New exodus of Honduran migrants seeks to pass through Mexico


Activist describes caravans as a politicized issue.

Chiapas.- The coordinator of the Human Dignification Center, Luis García Villagrán, informed that a new Migrant Caravan will seek to reach Mexico from Honduras, which is scheduled to leave San Pedro Sula on January 15.

This new exodus, said the activist, has political purposes because owners of coffee plantations in that country have encouraged mass migration.

García Villagrán acknowledged that Tapachula is not prepared to receive more Central American migrants, however, he said that it is the obligation of the Senate of the Republic to declare and recognize immediately that there is a humanitarian crisis in the southern border of the country due to migrants and the thousands of displaced indigenous people in northern Chiapas.

Regarding Tapachula, he said that despite being a center that is responsible for monitoring respect for human rights, it is to recognize that migrants must meet certain requirements, but above all respect Mexican laws, so it is important that There is good coordination between the authorities and the associations working on migration.

Finally, he said the municipality will have to prepare for the coming days and receive this new exodus since being a border municipality is one of the places of passage for migrants.

Cristian is one of the many Central Americans who remain stranded on the southern border, mainly in the municipality of Tapachula.

Every day, he gets up at 7:00 a.m. in the morning to position himself in one of the downtown cruises of the urban area of this city and sell ten pesos, candy, and chewing gum.

It depends largely on his mother, two brothers, two children and his wife have a rent ceiling for each night they spend, so between all, they have to raise 200 pesos a day, apart from their food.

Like Cristian Rojas, hundreds of migrants have decided to stay in this part of the country after fleeing the violence that predominates in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The exodus of migrants that crossed Mexico in the last three months of 2018 left many people scattered in different entities of the country, but mainly in the state of Chiapas waiting for paperwork to transit through Mexico or have their legal stay in the country, without, However, there are many limits to achieve them.

Source: El Sol de Puebla

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