Mazatlan transit police finds a wallet with 15 thousand pesos and returns it to tourist


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- María Teresa González Lizárraga, agent of the Municipal Traffic Police made the good action last December 31 to secure and return a wallet with approximately 15 thousand pesos in cash, to a tourist who had lost it in a restaurant of fast food in the tourist area. 
The police with 6 years of service in Mazatlan graduated 18 years ago from the State Institute of Criminal Sciences of Public Security and has worked in other municipalities such as Concordia and Escuinapa.

It was last December 31 in the afternoon when the transit agent, who was in charge of controlling the traffic lights at the intersection of Avenida Camarón Sábalo and Lomas, went to a fast food restaurant in her free time because her work day was 12 continuous hours of work.

It was leaving the business that he noticed a wallet on one of the chairs, which he assured immediately. He went to the employees of the site and left his telephone number in case the owner returned in search of his wallet, which had an approximate of 15 thousand pesos in cash.

Teresita, as she is known among her companions, returned to control the traffic light and reported what happened to the boss in turn; After a couple of hours he received the call from the tourist, who minutes later arrived at the agent’s work area and was able to recover his wallet with all the personal documentation and money without any shortage.
That same day the tourist went to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat to express his gratitude to the superiors of the agent for his honorable action, then spent the New Year’s Eve with his family and said infinitely grateful to the traffic police María Teresa González

Source: RAS

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