Mexico is not affected by the latest ruling against its tuna


CONAPESCA Commissioner explained that the capture and production of Mexican tuna meet all standards.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.  Last week, the World Trade Organization (WTO) gave a legal ruling in favor of the United States for the labeling of “Dolphin Safe” tuna (dolphin-free) before the producers of Mexican tuna , because the judges of the WTO, rejected the Mexican argument of the rules of labeling, that according to the North American producers, they infringed its norms.

After a long battle, the Mexican tuna turned out to be a loser before the North American positions, because they argued that the methods of capture were not sustainable to the environment, reason why the commissioner of the CONAPESCA, Raúl Elenes Angulo, argued about the subject, making emphasis in the dialogues he held with one of the main producers of tuna in Mexico, Leovigildo Carranza.

“It was a commercial type administrative resolution, which was a nonconformity presented by the Mexican producers, because the American producers insisted on including the legend of Dolphin Safe in their products (Mexican tuna), which in the end was a discriminatory commercial measure for Mexicans, then They disagreed and gave them the win. “

“The last judicial instance gave them back, there is no way to eliminate that legend of the products that the Americans sell in the establishments, and the Mexican product does not have that legend; However, I asked the main producers, especially Leovigildo Carranza, and he told me that personally they are not affected by the North American market, it is not the big market for them, they work in Asia and Europe, “explained Raúl Elenes.

The WTO in 2012 and 2015 ruled in favor of Mexican interests, so the Americans made changes in 2013 and 2016 by their labeling rules to try to adapt it to international law, something that has finally been accepted for the conditions established two years ago. years.

Throughout these years, Mexican producers have been dissatisfied with the millionaire losses due to the restrictions placed on them by the US producers, which is valued at around 700 million dollars, and in this sense, and with the process, Elenes Angulo affirmed that Mexico has always fulfilled its capture process as a production, and that despite this, it continues to be one of the leaders in tuna without affecting it.

“The underlying theme that they show, is that the Mexican fleet is not respectful of environmental regulations, and as they have seen, they have observers, they comply with all the rules; finally it does not affect them, the Mexican product can continue selling in the United States, but without that legend, “he said.

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