They seek to attract more Spanish investment to Mazatlan


The Secretary of Economic Development and Municipal Tourism, David González Torrentera, announces for February the visit of entrepreneurs from Spain, led by staff from the Embassy of that country

Mazatlan.- In February 2019 a visit to the municipality of a group of businessmen from Spain is expected, led by staff from the embassy of that country, to learn about the investment opportunity areas offered by the port, said David González Torrentera.

The Secretary of Economic Development and Municipal Tourism said that, knocking on doors to attract investment to the municipality, a few days ago he met with Francisco Javier López, counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Mexico; Jacobo Buenadicha Loarte, attaché, and Alejandro Hinojosa, who is business contact for the Spanish representative office.

He recalled that during the interview he presented to the officials of the embassy what Mazatlan is, the projects that come as the subject of natural gas, the Mazatlán-Durango train, the dredging of the navigation channel, as well as the benefits that the city has and that makes it attractive investment.

“They found the location of Mazatlan very interesting, the cultural theme, the tourism theme, they found the project that is to detonate in an industrial way our city very interesting, and above all, they liked that it is a city with a lot of quality of life”.

González Torrentera mentioned that a visit with Spanish investors was agreed for February of next year.

“But the idea is to generate focused meetings, if there is someone who can invest in the energy issue, well, direct them to where the energy issue has to be, and if there is someone who can invest in a hotel matter, direct them to the area of hotel development, “he explained.Resultado de imagen para Buscan atraer más inversión española a Mazatlán

He added that the current administration led by the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, seeks to show a change in the attraction of foreign investment for Mazatlan.

“The new federal policy is, through the embassies, to start making the issue of both economic and tourist promotion of the country. We are also focusing on that work. We already have the theme of the Spanish Embassy, but we also have contact with the Japanese Embassy. “

The municipal official mentioned that in June of next year a Japanese boat will come to Mazatlan to do a kind of social service, but what they are looking for is that they also come to see the potential of Mazatlan.

“We are working very hard in that niche, in power, through the representations, through the sister cities, to make Mazatlan seen in those destinations, for investment, for tourism and for everything that can be done”, concluded.

Source: SEL, Impacto

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