Mazatlan: 2 thousand 500 chickens to distribute today


Yolanda Medina, her family and a group of foreigners come together to share at Christmas.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Christmas is to spend as a family and share with those who have less, said Yolanda Margarita Medina Osuna.

He has 26 years of distributing chickens and pantries supported by his family, neighbors and a group of foreigners who have joined the cause. Yolanda stressed that today they will distribute 2,500 chickens and an equal number of families to poor neighborhoods.

This help to the most unprotected emerged 26 years ago, after Yolanda and her husband, Modesto López, were in a ward of the pediatric hospital, where they had their daughter Maria Yolanda López Medina hospitalized, and a group of people arrived and shared with them. a dinner.

After their daughter died, they for some time took food to relatives of patients.
But at Christmas, they wanted to help more people and decided to give chickens to families from marginalized colonies.

The cause was joined by a group of Canadians and Americans, who are very supportive of the Mazatlecos.


Eight groups were formed distributed in the colonies Genaro Estrada, Presas del Valle, Villa Tutuli, September 13, Universe, Loma Bonita, Felicidad, Emilio Goicoechea, San Antonio and Miguel Hidalgo.

Also in the institutions El Rancho de los Niños, Una Gota en el Oceano, Ciudad de los Niños, Los Franciscanos and elders who live alone. 


The children Eduardo Rodríguez and Édgar Alejandro López Quevedo are Yolanda’s neighbors and have been working for five years to obtain funds, including a breakfast. But also to prepare the pantries and then distribute them.

Eduardo and Édgar say that they like to share with the Mazatlan families. They feel good to see the smile of the people when receiving the donations.

This allows them to enjoy the dinner with pleasure to their family knowing that others less favored will have something to eat on this Christmas Eve.

They also bring clothes, some toys, and sweets. His desire is to continue in this work. But also that more people support.

Source: El Debate

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