Mazatlecos cure hangover with seafood


On these dates December and end of the year it is recommended to go to the carts for the preparation of sea products and attend to the hangover of alcohol during the festivities.

Mazatlan, Sin.- During the celebration of Christmas and New Year, people who consume excessive alcoholic beverages and have a hangover or raw the next day, will go to the roads of seafood installed in the city of Mazatlan, in order to consume the typical dishes of the port and literally come back to life.

According to an opinion poll conducted among the vendors of these dishes in the city, said that these dates are a good season, where people take the opportunity to delight their palate, with the intention of fighting the hangover and recover from the excess of alcohol.

“I see they ask a lot for what is ceviche tostaditas, the shrimp cocktail, the crunchy one”.

“Aguachiles, special ceviche, the scallops in its shell and the clams are mule legs, and campechanas.”

“Cooked shrimp, octopus, oysters, clam, black aguachile”.

Those in charge of offering these foods of the sea recommended to the consumers to approach to the carts of the seafood where they will be able to find the great majority of prepared foods of different way, which will be effective to cure the malaise that I leave them the celebration.

“The shrimp broth is the best, the truth is that it is ideal, with a lot of chilito”.

“The black aguachile, the black cup, I have one that is called the aguacatoso, very little and the whale that is not necessary”.

“Come and eat a aguachile, and a very warm good-looking, well-served, good for the raw.”

They mentioned that in these dates they reach up to 300 people a day, both locals and tourists, since the prices are accessible, same ranging from 50 pesos to 150, according to the orderly dish.

On December 25 and January 1, many said, will be installed from 5:00 in the morning until 2:00 pm to attend hangover victims.

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