Mexico Green Angels: A road side assistance group busy this holiday season


The Green Angels, are a group of the State Secretariat of Tourism, which offers support and assistance to people suffering from various mechanical problems on the road, whether toll roads or free roads.

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This morning, at the toll booth in Marmol, a civilian was happy when he saw the van of the “Green Angels” since he no longer had gasoline to continue on the road. The officers put a little more than five liters in the tank of the unit, enough fuel to reach a gas station in the city of Mazatlan. The paisano in his “troca, truck” brought his family.

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In the relief were Juan Alberto Osuna Tirado and Juan Manuel Rincón, who were very attentive to help this family. Before, in the interview, Osuna Tirado said that in the last ten days the vehicular influx has increased and had an average of 14 “supports calls” per day, in each of the two shifts.

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The patrolman affirms that the supports go from a tire puncture, gasoline, drag of crane to mechanical problems; They also offer information to the tourist, stroller or countryman. He says that there is tranquility these days on the roads.

Osuna pulled says that there is more culture of vehicle drivers in terms of going on the road with a unit in good condition.

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Questioned about anecdotes along the way, the patrolman says that his “work” is very pleasant because it is about helping others; “People are very happy when they see the Green Angels on the road, especially in a mechanical failure; the most beautiful thing is that they give us the thanks “, he emphasizes.

Whether during the Easter, summer or winter vacations.  Green Angels help tourist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,  the Telephone number toll-free 078, They offer free services of

  • information
  • Orientation
  • Mechanical emergency
  • Help and road support
Source: SEl, Gob.Mex
The Mazatlan Post