Siemens wants to turn the Mayan Train into the first intelligent transport in Latin America


The German consortium intends to participate in the project that will link the Mexican southeast.

The German multinational company Siemens announced that it is interested in participating in the construction of the Mayan Train, with the intention of consolidating a project that could mean the start-up of one of the most modern and technologically advanced trains in Latin America.

The commitment to the project that aims to connect and promote the destinations of the southeast of Mexico was announced by the CEO of Siemens for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Juan Ignacio Díaz, who assured that this railroad can be one of the most important projects of the new government and a lot of economic growth for the region.

The German consortium highlighted the development of the railway network in Europe, of which a large part was manufactured by Siemens, in fact they offered to participate in the whole chain, from the generation of energy, transmission, electrification of roads and signaling, even, up to the physical part of the trains and automation.

Likewise, the incorporations of advanced technology in the systems of transport of Siemens in Europe allow saving up to 30 percent of electricity, heating in start and braking.

Currently, the German company won the concession to build the Russian project Moscow-Kazan, a railway line that will extend 770 kilometers and will be part of an international network, which continues to Beijing, in China.

These trains will be equipped with the new Maglev magnetic levitation engines, which can reach a speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour and save up to 3 percent of energy, reducing the price of the ticket; if the Mayan Train had a similar team, it could reduce to a single hour a trip from Cancun to Merida.

Source: Mexico News Network

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