Elimination of Seguro Popular as promise by AMLO


During the first week of Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the head of the country’s government, his first actions have already been announced. One of the most important is the confirmation of the disappearance of Seguro Popular, as promised during his last presidential campaign.

It was in the third debate heading for the presidency that Andrés Manuel uttered a phrase that became representative of his way of thinking: “Seguro Popular is neither safe nor popular.” That is why, a few days after starting his term, the program founded in 2003 will gradually disappear and will now be absorbed by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Bienestar.

Adiós, Seguro Popular. Hola, IMSS-Bienestar

El IMSS tendrá como prioridad arrancar con el programa IMSS-Bienestar “que es el camino a la universalización de los servicios a la salud” que impulsará el nuevo gobierno en todo el país, dijo el…

In this regard, among the main reasons that led to this decision were the continuous cases of corruption that were made public. Only during this year, there were more than 37 complaints against the Seguro Popular for deviations of more than 7 billion pesos. The criminal process continues without the guilty party having been identified to date.

On the other hand, Germán Martínez , the new director of the IMSS, promised to avoid that this type of incidents will be repeated in the new stage that the Popular Insurance will live. In turn, the biggest doubts arise around the way that will be avoided.

There are also several pending doubts, such as the way in which attention will now be given to members of Seguro Popular and the duration of this transition period.

According to the former head of Popular Insurance, the agency has resources to pay attention and finish the infrastructure projects pending

In terms of health, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ) fulfilled its first campaign promise. At this time, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) coordinates the absorption of Seguro Popular . The latter will cease to exist separately, as part of the universalization of national attention. However, he could have continued his service for many more years.

This was stated by the ex-director of Seguro Popular, Antonio Chemor Ruiz. The former official said, in an interview with El Universal, that the agency could operate until 2030. This capacity not only involves the attention of the 54 million Mexicans insured. It also contemplates the necessary funds for the completion of outstanding hospitals.

Trust in Banobras, the key to Seguro Popular

Chemor Ruiz commented that, prior to the end of his administration, funds were deposited in a trust . This tool, administered by the National Bank of Works and Public Service (Banobras), already has more than 93 billion pesos (mdp). The ex-holder said that this precaution was taken to keep Seguro Popular for 12 more years.

A fraction of these funds are destined to the liquidation of pending works. The above includes not only the money necessary to complete the constructions . Also, to equip the medical centers with the material that is required. He noted that, with this precaution of the old Popular Insurance, the new federal government should not make any additional bet or contribution.

The ex-holder pointed out that, upon the arrival of Enrique Peña Nieto to power, in Seguro Popular there was a severe opacity in the management of resources . However, he reaffirmed that since 2013 that is a problem of the past. In the past six years, he reaffirmed, it was possible to clean up processes and give dependence transparency. He presumed that thanks to the efforts of the past administration, attention can be given in all the states of the country.

He also pointed out that Mexico’s public health system is one of the most complex in the world. He said that this achievement is thanks, in part, to the reforms promoted in the past six years. He pointed out that the IMSS, the ISSSTE, the Seguro Popular, and the Armed Forces form, together, a mechanism of attention that gives certainty to millions of Mexicans.

Source: Saludiario 

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