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Marisol Amador, director of Protection of the Conanp, said that some species that are conserved in the region are amapas, pitayos and cacti.

Mazatlan, Sin.- In Mazatlan and the southern zone of Sinaloa there are species of flora and fauna that are protected because of their quantity, a situation that worries and occupies the authorities so that they do not enter the warning of danger of extinction, said Marisol Amador Medina , director of protection in the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.

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The environmentalist of the Conanp explained that it is important that citizens learn to live with their environment, preserve animals and plants, they are part of a food chain that neglecting some, the picture can get worse for everyone.

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“We have to comment that not only is the fauna, but also the flora, some amapas, some pitayos, some cacti are in some protection status,” he said.

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He indicated that in this conservation there are birds, fish, even insects, which is why they put a lot of emphasis on the more than one thousand hectares of protected areas that the federal authority retains, which also gives work to thousands of people in the corners of Sinaloa.

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Amador Medina said that in the Mesca de Cacaxtla they are working with an emphasis on the Jaguar, without neglecting the rest of protected species, and that government as citizens must contribute to the conservation of wild cats, not only in Sinaloa, but also in Mexico.

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