Mexico Senate initiative for chemical castration for rapists and pedophiles


Senator Alejandro Armenta reported on an initiative to chemically castrate rapists and pedophiles; said that the proposal has taken into account the opinions of human rights defenders

With the support of the Morena bench, Senator Alejandro Armenta said he will present an initiative to chemically castrate rapists and pedophiles, to “put a resounding brake” to this crime in the country.

This initiative has the purpose of castration for rapists of minors and the violation that is done to women. In the state of Puebla, we recorded 800 crimes against females and 70% were raped. I am in favor of the initiative and I am going to present it, “he explained at a press conference.

By case Ana Lizbeth, they ask for the death penalty and castration of rapists and pedophiles

Later in an interview, Armenta explained that it is necessary to punish the rapists in this way, “because Mexico is the first place in the world in terms of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and homicide in minors, during the past year; around 4.5 million Mexicans have been victims. “

I’m finishing it, I do not want to be accused of promoting the violation of human rights, I’m fine-tuning the grammatical accents to take care of human rights, but totally against the pedophiles and rapists. We have to do it, we have a majority, if I have to talk to each of the 128 senators I will remind everyone that if they have a mother and if they have daughters to support this initiative, this initiative is to stop rape in Mexico, “he said. .

Armenta said the initiative is taking into account the opinions of human rights defenders.

Source: Excelsior, Ras

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