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Mazatlan Internationa Carnaval Official
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“In Mazatlan, time is measured by Carnival” During the five days before Ash Wednesday of each year, the Mazatlan celebrates our maximum celebration. In 1998 the Mazatlan carnival celebrated its century of existence in its modern phase. Each year, on the dates of carnival, Mazatlan is transformed not only by the ornaments that are installed in some of its streets but also by the evident attitude of the population predisposed to joy. Those of the Carnival are days of vacation. Their nights are partying from sunset to sunrise. The party transforms the street into tide of bodies that walk, park or dance under the influence of varied musical genres. La ondagrupera, the sinaloense band, the mariachi, “loschirrrines” (ranchera and norteña music ensembles), the ballad, the bolero and the rock coexist in an unusual promiscuity. Without underestimating genres, the bodies are seduced by the rhythm – erected as a dictator – and, sometimes, as a dance partner. No matter the confetti in the mouth or the flour in the head, it matters to be there, present, without inhibitions, enjoying the sensation of excess, until emptying the pocket or until exhausting the energies.
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