The United States Government grants pensions in Mazatlan


It is expected to make the program quarterly and try to reach the largest number of people

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Social Security Administration of the United States Consulate based in Guadalajara held for the first time in Mazatlan the delivery of pensions to people who worked at least 10 years in the neighboring country and contributed taxes under a valid social number, regardless of their immigration status.

This program is only for people over 62 who meet the requirements. The amount will depend on what the worker came to contribute based on his income.

The main reason is that people approach the consulate through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) or by any consular agency so that the interested party is assigned an appointment in Guadalajara, or wait for it to be carried out again. city, it is intended to be carried out every three months.

Cooperation between governments

Juan José Ruiz González, federal delegate of the SRE in Sinaloa, affirmed that this is an initiative entirely of the American consulate in Guadalajara.

“Because we are in the constituency of this consulate, the benefits office linked to the American Social Security opens this call for all workers who meet the requirements to acquire a pension and then give it to their wives and children.”

Los Mochis also hosted the informative day and service for Mexican adults who worked at least 10 years in the United States, and who are interested in applying for said benefits. Government through the American Consulate of Guadalajara.

The event organized by the Municipal Liaison Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ahome, the Delegation of said SRE in Sinaloa, and the United States Consulate, was inaugurated by Mayor Billy Chapman, who in his message told the attendees that during his administration, the policies of the Federal Government directed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be replicated, in the sense of seeking the greatest benefit and social justice.

“I know very well that many of you acquired rights based on effort and sacrifice with your work. Have the full security and peace of mind that for the next time you attend this type of event, the support of our Government will be better than what they receive today, “said Billy Chapman.

The mayor made it clear that the premise of the Government of the Municipality of Ahome that it heads, is that they will not have any problems to help them to obtain their benefits.

He added that as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, they only helped to disseminate this project, as well as channeling people who are candidates for these benefits.

“We are allies of the working class like you, of the men who make it possible for the hotels, factories, businesses and homes of the families of the United States to operate in the best way and be habitable,” said Chapman Moreno.

During the informative day, Mexican workers who live in the North of Sinaloa and some other cities in the Northwest of the country, who worked in the United States and seek to obtain a pension or other benefits of labor rights in that country, were treated.

Diana Aracely Orduño Báez, head of the Municipal Liaison Office of the SRE of Ahome, informed that the assistants are attended by Luis Kero and José Chávez, coming from the Consulate of the United States with headquarters in Guadalajara, in an intense day on Tuesday 4 from December.

The possible benefits to which the workers who worked for at least 10 years in the United States are entitled, is the eligibility to receive retirement pensions from the American Social Security Administration, as well as for widowhood and the care of minor children, with disability, orphans, or parents of the worker who receive at least 50% of their worker’s livelihood from the USA.

During the day was also attended by the Secretary of the City Council of Ahome Andrés Estrada Orozco, and the Delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sinaloa Juan José Ruiz, who appreciated the facilities and support provided by Mayor Billy Chapman to perform the important event.

The program next year will expand its reach and called on all citizens to approach the offices of Foreign Affairs SRE to be channeled to the consulate.

Source: El Debate, asieslapolitica

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