15 million Mexicans REGRET having voted for AMLO


Mexico is about to celebrate the 108th anniversary of “The Mexican Revolution” many Mexicans do not understand THE MESSAGE OF VILLA Y ZAPATA when sitting in the PRESIDENTIAL CHAIR:

Ridicule and break the myth of the GREAT TLATOANI, of the PRESIDENT ALMIGHTY, of the CAUDILLO master and lord of lives and haciendas.

Real revolutionaries who did not fight for a chair but for a cause: Justice, freedom, and the sovereignty of the PEOPLE.

The murder of Villa, Zapata, the Serdán brothers, Madero and Pino Suárez put an end to the revolutionary dreams and left a STRUGGLE SUSPENDED and manipulated by the politicians of that time: Plutarco Elías Calles, Alvaro Obregón, Victoriano Huerta who presented themselves in the current style A GREAT CHANGE, so that everyone would stay the same.

They exchanged a PORFIRIATO FOR A DICTATORSHIP OF PARTIES; where in the fifth richest country on earth, the BARBARIE continues (25 thousand murders per year), RAMPANTE corruption, a poverty of 62% counting the more than 30 million Mexicans expelled from your land, an injustice equivalent to just 1% of crimes committed, and economic growth (2 to 3%) that distributes poverty and little wealth generation.

THE HORN OF ABUNDANCE ; abundance for a few and PURE HORN for most.

See streets and avenues with the names of Plutarco Elías Calles, Obregón, Echeverría, López Portillo, Miguel Alemán is a BOFETADA TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO.

Just call Vicente Fox avenue, Felipe Calderón square or Enrique Peña Nieto neighborhood to complete THE DESVERGÜENZA and the MYTH OF PENDEJISTÁN as they call politicians in private, the people of Mexico.

Undoubtedly the alleged assassin, corrupt, inept and traitor to the people of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, puts the cherry on the cake when INHERIT the chair of the eagle to a maniac and apprentice of DICTATOR like Andrés López who fills his mouth talking about a transformation where everything changes TO BE MORE OF THE SAME.



  1. To date NO ONE has been able to find a member of the future cabinet or in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators WHO DOES NOT COME FROM THE PRIANRD;  the same disguised as MORENA.

“They defend themselves by speaking against the PRIAN, but they have been PRIAN all their lives”

2. The 500 deputies and 128 senators continue ; where 200 deputies (40%) and 64 senators (50%) no one voted for them, are appointed by the party dictatorship.

“More deputies and senators than in the US, which is 20 times the economy of Mexico”

3. A CARNAL prosecutor and JUSTICE A MODO.

The pardon to Enrique Peña Nieto and his cabinet, dressed in amnesty, not revenge, disguised as peace and love and not seeing behind is the clearest PROOF that we continue as always.

“We continue with the same structure of justice that has not served at all, only moves for political interests” article 102 remains intact despite more than 3 months with a chamber of deputies with a majority of MORENA.

4. Manipulation in the consultation with the people; “PATITO” level surveys

“Less than 1% vote, being able to put up to 100 votes per person and in tables to mode; to wash your hands and do … whatever my little finger says ”

5. Centralized, omnipotent and authoritarian preamble

From “I have been as I have been” to “I grow weary”; more of the same.

Superdelegates of the PREJUDICE in each state to manage patronage and social control support (another conasupo, liconsa, solidarity, prosperity, with another name)

6. The army to the streets, MILITARIZE MEXICO.

“From an internal security law already declared INCONSTITUTIONAL by the SCJN to a militarization TRASVESTI now adorned as a CIVIL GUARD; the same EPN gendarmerie; miltars, sailors, federals in the streets of Mexico by DECREE and not as a state of exception.

As it is going to come out SOMETHING NEW IN SECURITY MATTERS, if they are the same:

Remember Alfonso Durazo; The new Secretary of Public Safety was the campaign coordinator of Ernesto Zedillo and his employee 6 years (PRI) and then private secretary 6 years of Vicente Fox (PAN), now in the DECEPTION OF THE DECADE; they disguise themselves as MORENA.

The new führer:



7. Same social policy; Give the fish instead of teaching how to fish.

Help for all, abortion for all, marijuana for all, money for NINIS, crumbs for the elderly; What change? Same strategy of having people with the outstretched hand that Carlos Salinas, Zedillo, Fox, EPN, Calderón used.

8. Mafia of the POWER of advisers; the usual ones:

The president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced on November 15 that he will have a Council of Advisors made up of businessmen.

This council will be coordinated by Alfonso Romo, appointed head of the Office of the Presidency, and will be made up of:

Ricardo Salinas Pliego (Grupo Salinas and TVAZTECA)

Bernardo Gómez (Televisa)

Olegario Vázquez Aldir (Business Group Angeles)

Carlos Hank González (Banorte)

Miguel Alemán Magnani (Interjet)

Daniel Chávez (Vidanta)

Miguel Rincón (Bio-Pappel) and

Sergio Gutiérrez (DeAcero).

Here we present the billionaire numbers of this new Council.



9. Bleed the people as much as you can, kill the middle class:

“The PRIMOR A GASOLINAS tax; put by the PRI and supported by MORENA “is the MOST CONSTANT SIGN that we have to the same ones in the POWER.

The minority, NOT THINKING and manipulated, DO NOT KNOW or make themselves TARUGOS that the Chamber of Deputies and Senators HAS 80 days of being MORENA MAJORITY and they continue if they ELIMINATE the PRIMOR tax on gasolines and diesel, WHICH PROMISED to remove immediately:

So traitors are SON, who sell petrol from PEMEX himself HALF THE GRINGOS:

10. Laws to mode, direct awards, nepotism. 

“The MAYAN TRAIN, in addition to being a zero profitable work, resembles the wake of LUZ and the Texcoco airport; Rióbbo (the new HIGA), the 3 sons drones of AMLO that have NEVER worked:

Adán López son of the sponsor of the career of AMLO; now president in Tabasco

Rutilo Escandón son-in-law of Adán Agusto López; now president of Chiapas

Rosalinda López wife of Rutilo Esacandón and daughter of Adán Agusto López; now senator of MORENA pluri.

“That nice family”




Do not steal, do not lie and do not betray BEFORE THE REAL FACTS even though you have not yet sworn the mandate to the people of Mexico.

So, what can we do now? What does the National Citizen Congress propose? before a REPTIL that emulates the phrases of Hugo Chávez of:

“I do not belong anymore”

“MY LOVE IS THE PEOPLE” (of course the one that suits me)

“I am a nation, I am the people”

ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE AND ACT ON each square meter of Mexico.

Even being the same as always, we know that the FOX and Echeverría styles are repeated in this DICTATOR simulator.

The National Citizens Congress seeks to ACT AS A PATTERN OF PUBLIC SERVICING, they are only employees to whom we pay them.

We are the CONSTITUTIONAL COMMANDER, they are presidents (the one who must obey9

We want you not to believe in us, but to BELIEVE IN YOU, that you feel you are the owner of Mexico, not a simple inhabitant.

That fiscalices, supervises, vigiles, audites and participants so that you DO NOT REPENT of what the people of Venezuela lick their wounds; IT WAS LATE.

You along with other citizen lions can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE to inherit a New Mexico to your children and grandchildren, this IS NOT.

We tell you how; wp 8181497843

Here nobody is a CHIEF, nobody gives line, we do not WANT TO BE PUBLIC SERVERS, we want to BE YOUR PATRONS.

What they do to UNO, they do to us all.

Let’s rescue and give LIFE TO ARTICLE 39 that the Mexican Revolution left us.

Article 39 .- The national sovereignty resides essentially and originally in the town. All public power emanates from the people and is instituted for the benefit of the latter. The people have at all times the inalienable right to alter or modify the form of their government.

Founder of the National Citizen Congress