Mexico on ALERT, caravan now they are from Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela


Tapachula, Chiapas.- The Central American governments issued an alert on Monday on the possibility that, in the next few hours, new caravans depart to Mexico and the United States, but this time from Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela.

The first reports indicate that also through social networks such as Honduras and El Salvador, mass exoduses from those nations would be called.

Even when the facts have been handled with extreme secrecy and have not been officially announced, it is feared that these new movements of migrants may be being financed.

The theory was strengthened after the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, accused leftist groups in Honduras and the Venezuelan government itself of organizing the caravan of migrants that is moving towards the US border.

Pence informed the media that the caravan, formed by thousands of Hondurans advancing through the Mexican territory to the United States , was organized by leftist groups in Honduras and financed, in part, by Venezuela , allegedly with the argument of defying laws North American

In the caravan, he stressed, referring to that of Hondurans, there are people from other parts of the world with bad antecedents.

While this is happening, there was a riot on Monday at the facilities of the System for Integral Development for Families (DIF), in which, according to what was said, 21 minors from Honduras came from.

The migrants, who walked in the two caravans that crossed this territory and requested the quality of refugees, had been taken to that shelter , located in the Colonia Viva Mexico, to receive food, drinks, medical attention and a decent place to sleep.

Everything was going well until the afternoon of Monday, when the young people began to demonstrate, rebelled against the employees and mutinied, with the threat that they would carry out destruction and aggressions if they were not released immediately.

They asked representatives of human rights organizations to complain that the food was not quality and that they felt as if they were prisoners.

Faced with this position, they were sent to the “Siglo XXI” Migration Station , where they will continue their waiting process so that the authorities can decide whether to grant them refuge in Mexico or to repatriate them.

On the eve, something similar had happened at the facilities of the Mesoamerican Fair, which had been set up as a temporary shelter for migrants.

As a result of this riot, some 200 migrants were granted a Single Population Registration Code (CURP) and were allowed to leave the shelter and seek, by their own means, a place to await the immigration resolution of each of them.

In the course of the hours, other migrants who were in the same facilities showed similar attitudes and, therefore, the authorities decided to grant the rest of the CURP that were needed, leave all the migrants free and leave the shelter empty.

It is unknown, for the time being, if the Mesoamerican shelter will be closed completely or will be available as an alternative for migrants.

For the night of Monday, groups of between 30 and 50 migrants wandered in different parts of the city, some even asking for alms in the corners, because until their legal situation is resolved, they can not leave Tapachula.

Meanwhile, the caravan with about 2,500 Salvadorans who arrived on Sunday in Tapachula, decided on Monday to continue on its way to the center of the country. In the afternoon it was reported that they had arrived in Huixtla , where they would rest with the possibility that this Tuesday they would advance towards Mapastepec .

His predecessors, the second caravan of Hondurans, left Chiapas on Monday after leaving the municipality of Arriaga to try to reach Tapanatepec, Oaxaca.

The first, also of Hondurans, continued disseminated in Mexico City , Puebla and even in Veracruz, waiting for them to be repackaged.

While all this is happening, Mexican and Guatemalan authorities carried out the cleanup of the Rodolfo Robles International Bridge, after the two caravans of Hondurans carried out an infinity of damage.

As it was duly announced by EL ORBE, that official crossing was already open from Sunday to the passage of visitors on foot, for both sides of the border, and it is expected that in the next few hours the passage of vehicles could also be reactivated. .

Source; Chiapas sin censura Minuto Chiapas,

The Mazatlan Post