MAZATALN: Callejoneada to the sounds of the tambora celebrated with the dead


Hundreds of people enjoy the traditional ‘Callejoneada’, this year was entitled “The Resurrection of Artists”

To the sound of the tambora celebrate with the dead (Jorge Osuna)

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- As every year, the traditional ‘ Callejoneada ‘ managed to gather hundreds of people in the streets of the Historic Center to celebrate the Day of the Dead. This edition was entitled “The Resurrection of Artists”, in which homage was paid to José Ángel Espinoza Ferrusquilla, Lola Beltrán, Pedro Infante, Jenni Rivera, María Félix, Cantinflas, Chespirito, Juan Gabriel, among others.

Prior to the Callejoneada, a dance performance was offered at the Ángela Peralta theater. Photo: Maribel Arredondo
To start the celebration, from 8:00 pm, Mayor Guillermo Benítez Torres gave a ribbon-cutting of the events that would take place at Ángela Peralta. To this space groups of people entered to enjoy the dance, musicians, and theater in assemblies of short duration that approached the death, seen from different cultures, from the ancient civilizations until the present times where when dying some people are dismissed with musician and wine.

From an early hour, entire families, some carrying children in their arms dressed as catrinas and calaveritas, arrived at the Plazuela Machado to be part of the party of the dead.

For the first time since a few years ago, the ‘Callejoneada’ was celebrated again on November 2, normally it is done on the 1st, now by the entrance of the new government it was changed day.

Spectacular catrinas toured the streets of the Historic Center. Photo: Jorge Osuna
Photo: Maribel Arredondo
Photo: Maribel Arredondo
Children also attended the traditional event. Photo: Jorge Osuna
Photo: Jorge Osuna

To the sound of the tambora and toasting with beer and wine the mazatlecos and visitors lived a joyful party, where the deceased faithful were remembered in a multicultural hubbub that took place through several streets of the Historical Center.

Not one soul fit in La Machado, a space that looked crowded and there was no room for diners, except for people who had booked in advance.

Undoubtedly, the party brought together the living and the dead, for there was no shortage of those who remembered some of their loved ones, and they were also distinguished through various cultural activities such as the offerings and altars that were appreciated along the way.

The queens of Carnival. Photo: Jorge Osuna
Photo: Jorge Osuna
Photo: Jorge Osuna

In the Museum of Art, there was an exhibition of engraving with a steamroller, which brings together more than 16 large-format pieces that allude to the people who died in 1968.

While in the Archaeological Museum there was an offering dedicated to the gods of the underworld. 

Once again the ‘Callejoneada’ was a success, where the color of tradition filled the streets, large catrinas more than four meters high seized the reflectors of the cameras.

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