Migrants cannot stay in Veracruz: Says Governor Yunes


The Governor only guaranteed free transit through the state “as long as they do it according to the law” and DO NOT STAY

Mexico.- Whenever they respect the law, migrants who travel in the migrant caravan that goes to the United States can freely pass through the state of Veracruz, guaranteed the governor of the entity, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares.

However, the Governor warned that the state cannot receive a “significant number” of people, so they could not stay in the state.

In an interview with Luis Cárdenas on MVS Radio, Yunes Linares said: “Migrants can travel through Veracruz, provided they do so in accordance with the law.”

“Here you can not stay migrants,” said the Governor, who said the state is unable to receive “a significant number of people.”

Source: SDP Noticias

The Mazatlan Post