They confirm 8 cases of Zika and 2 of Chikungunya in Sinaloa


Guasave, Sinaloa . In the Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 2, with regard to week 44, a total of eight cases of Zika and two of Chikungunya have been confirmed, while dengue , despite having dozens of probable cases, were all negative.

The head of the Jurisdiction indicated that with the low temperatures the reproduction of the mosquito slows down, nevertheless does not have to lower the guard with the preventive measures, because the disease can continue appearing.


José Guadalupe Espinoza Madrid, head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, reported that in the week 44 there were 74 probable cases of dengue, of which all were discarded, while concerning Zika there were 46 probable cases, of which 8 were confirmed, and with respect to chikungunya there were two cases, both positive.

“All these cases have been during week 44 within the scope of Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 2, Guasave and Sinaloa, which is why we should not lower our guard with preventive measures and monitoring of reservoirs, especially in homes, because that’s where the Mosquito is. “

When questioned about the probable cases of dengue and that all were negative, Espinoza Madrid explained that they have been viral or bacterial disorders that resemble the clinical manifestations of dengue and are therefore often confused.

“All cases of dengue were negative, then it could be viral diseases of different types, that anyone can acquire and that apparently the symptoms are believed to be dengue, that is why we conducted the relevant studies, to rule it out, because we must have the statistics to be able to alert the population. “

Also, the doctor explained that they take the sample and send it to the State Public Health Laboratory, where they are analyzed before the possibility of the three diseases. “The advantage is that when sending the studies it is sought to discard dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya in the same study, so we do not pass any detection, because at least Zika and Dengue have a lot of similarity in the symptoms.”

José Guadalupe clarified that although the low temperatures slow down the reproduction of the mosquito, it does not mean that cases can no longer be presented and he called on the population to maintain a good cleanliness in the homes.

“It is important that people know that the enemy is at home, because the mosquito Aedes aegypti reproduces in clean water, in vases, in pots.

If there are mosquitoes at home you have to monitor where they come from, where the eggs are and eliminate them to avoid risks, you should not lower your guard and if you have any of the symptoms go immediately to the nearest Health Center to perform the necessary exams and give a treatment, “concluded Espinoza Madrid.

Source: El debate

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