There is no danger in Nayarit from Durango dams


After information circulating in social networks that ensured that the release of water in the Durango dams had caused the overflow of rivers in the northern area of Nayarit , Conagua authorities denied such information.

In a communiqué issued by the aforementioned authorities, it is clarified that the water levels in the dams do not represent danger or alarm situation, besides that the San Pedro and Acaponeta rivers do not derive from any dam.

What generated the floods in the municipalities of Tecuala, Acaponeta, Ruíz, Tuxpan and other areas of the coast where the torrential rains left by the hurricane “Willa”.

Meanwhile, the National Water Commission constantly monitors the dams of Nayarit, without any risk being reported so far.

Statement by the Conagua:

Source: Conagua,

The Mazatlan Post