Hurricane Preparedness: This is the Civil Protection website for Mazatlan

Mazatlan Sinaloa, Mexico Sunday, October 21, 2018This is the Civil Protection website for Mazatlan. It has weather info and a map of the “albergues” or shelters in case of flooding or other disasters. It IS in Spanish. Please have supplies ready just in case of loss of electricity, water, and food that is ready to prepare.

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Atlas of hydrometeorological and geological risks of Mazatlan

The following map shows the risk zones for floods that can be caused by the rains, it also shows the areas of landslides and landslides, in addition to the shelters that will be enabled in times of rains.

Tide level

The following graph shows the level of the sea during the hours that passes in the day, give the height in meters, this helps to measure the magnitude of the possible effects caused by the floods because of the rains.

Tide forecast

The forecast of tides is used to know the behavior of sea levels during the course of the year.


What to do before, during and after a hurricane?

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